Dharmaloka Buddhist Community


Contact Person:

Zarko Andricevic
Dordiceva 23, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. & fax (385).1.481.00.74

Email: Zarko Andricevic

www: Dharmaloka


Dharmaloka is a Buddhist community that has existed in Croatia for a number of years, being up to now the only registered Buddhist religious community in the country. It follows Sino-Japanese Mahayana tradition, primarily Chinese Chan (Zen). The community is a member of the European Buddhist Union since 1993. The year before it established the first Buddhist center in Croatia. It has its branches in several towns in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. The Buddhist center is first institution of its kind in Croatia. It was established primarily to provide opportunity for study and practice to the members of the community. However, its program is open to all who want to learn about Buddhism and the rich traditions within this ancient teaching. As a pioneer in Croatia, the Center has the mission to present basics of mainstream Buddhism and to introduce interested persons into the specific practice of Chan. The program of activities at the Center reflects this twofold purpose – the study of basics of the Buddha's teaching and historic development into various schools on the one hand, and the introduction to the world of Chan meditation practice on the other. The program therefore includes Dharma lecture cycles, study groups, regular meditation sittings and Chan meditation retreats ranging from one to seven days, as well as celebrations of special events in the Buddhist calendar. The community publishes e-newsletter and actively promotes translation and publishing of the relevant Buddhist titles in Croatian. One particularity of the Dharmaloka is that it offers classes in Zenyoga, special form of physical training designed as a method of balancing the body and developing mindfulness in movement.

The spiritual adviser of the community is Shifu Sheng Yen, who is considered to be one of the foremost living masters of Chan. Master Sheng Yen was born near Shanghai in 1930, left home to become a monk at the age of thirteen. He is currently the resident teacher at the Chan Meditation center in New York and the abbot of two monasteries in Taiwan.

The founder of the Buddhist community Dharmaloka and the Buddhist center is Dharma teacher Zarko Andricevic. Born in 1955, Buddhist practitioner since 1975, he received Dharma transmission from master Sheng Yen thus becoming one of four of his Dharma heirs in the West.




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